Payers & Their Partners

TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions serves payers and their partners with innovative solutions that allow organizations to more effectively manage healthcare costs while simultaneously improving patient safety and quality of care.

Whether you are a health plan, insurer, employer, TPA, broker or consultant or beyond, TurningPoint specializes in programs and services that improve efficiency and translate to cost savings and enhanced value for all.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans remain the cornerstone for insurance and managed care programs for over 62 million Americans.

Brokers & Consultants

TurningPoint appreciates that brokers and consultants are constantly searching for new and innovative programs to deliver value to their clients to maintain that critical edge against the competition.

Commercial Insurers & Health Plans

Today, most commercial insurers and health plans manage a combination of covered populations, each with its own needs.


TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of innovative medical, surgical and implantable device solutions to payers, providers and individuals.

Managed Medicare and Medicaid Plans

Managed Medicare and Medicaid Plans have proven themselves to be quality and cost-effective deliverers of medical care in older, less affluent and medically complex populations.

Self-Administered Plans/TPAs

Using innovative per-use pricing, TurningPoint offers SAs and TPAs access to the same portfolio of solutions as our most valued Blue, insurer and health plan clients.

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