TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions Acquires Fairway Health to Accelerate Innovation in Condition Management


Lake Mary, Florida, May 14, 2024 – TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions, a leader in comprehensive condition management, announced today the acquisition of Fairway Health, a pioneering health technology company specializing in AI-powered tools that streamline complex clinical workflows. This strategic move will enable TurningPoint to deploy their industry-leading clinical expertise for greater impact and transform the healthcare experience for providers navigating clinical and administrative challenges.  

Fairway Health uses Large Language Models (LLM’s) and Generative AI to help decipher the complex and often messy trail of healthcare documentation that follows a patient in their healthcare journey. Deploying this technology across the suite of specialty conditions and nearly $4 billion in healthcare costs TurningPoint manages today will increase speed to care, improve healthcare outcomes, and significantly reduce the administrative burdens providers face when caring for patients.  

"The Fairway Health acquisition is a significant milestone for TurningPoint in our commitment to drive innovation and maximize value across the healthcare continuum”, says Eric Pezzi, CEO. “Together, we will support and empower providers to deliver safe, affordable, and high-quality care with greater efficiency. The burdens and friction providers face during the prior authorization process are many, and we believe that the Fairway Health acquisitions will define new ways to collaborate with providers.”

Fairway Health was founded by Moses Im (CEO), Grace Wang (CTO), and Joseph Chen (CPO) and received backing from Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator whose alumni companies boast a combined valuation exceeding $600 billion. The founding trio identified a strategic opportunity to solve complex healthcare challenges with the introduction of HIPAA-compliant generative AI models.

“TurningPoint believes that there are three core principles we all need to adopt in this new era of condition management:”, says Chief Clinical Officer and past President of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Dr. David Halsey, “holistic patient care, provider collaboration, and a willingness to embrace technology. This exciting news helps us achieve all three and will create a better experience for patients managing complex conditions.”  

The acquisition of Fairway Health is expected to yield immediate benefits for TurningPoint’s health plan clients and provider partners through a series of AI-enabled workflow efficiencies. Both organizations are excited to embark on this transformative journey towards safer, more accessible healthcare of the highest quality.  

About TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions

TurningPoint provides an innovative suite of specialty condition management services and technologies that improve the safety, quality, and affordability of healthcare. TurningPoint manages nearly $4 billion in healthcare costs today and supports health plan members in all 50 states across a set of clinical conditions including Musculoskeletal (MSK), Cardiology, Wound Care, ENT, sleep, and others. For more information, please visit www.tpshealth.com or follow on LinkedIn.

About Fairway Health
Fairway Health’s pioneering technology platform empowers the efficient evaluation of medical documentation, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of complex condition management. For more information, please visit fairwayhealth.co

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