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The puzzle of care management, solved.

It’s the great challenge faced by every health plan: How do you improve patient outcomes and build stronger provider relationships while generating optimal business returns? TurningPoint helps you fit the pieces together perfectly.

Excellence is the key. Our clinical team is among the best in the world. Our tools lead the industry. And our patient-first approach is focused on uncovering value across the care continuum—down to the individual patient and the finest data point. Combine these factors, and identifying the right procedure, in the right setting and at the right time, becomes simple. Beyond our state-of-the-art care management offering, we also empower members and providers with the latest tools for virtual care oversight and support, from assessment to virtual physical therapy solutions in the comfort of their home.

The results speak for themselves: Greater compliance with evidence-based medicine. Increased member satisfaction. Reduced recovery time. Less risk. Lower variability. Higher returns.

With TurningPoint, everything comes together for better outcomes all around.

The secret behind TurningPoint’s approach comes down to technology and synergy. When you use modern tools to align providers in the practice of high-quality, cost-effective, evidence-based care, everything else clicks into place.

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