Executive Team

Eric Pezzi

Eric Pezzi, CEO

As the CEO of TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions, Eric delivers passion, strong leadership and an unwavering commitment to serve clients and patients by improving the quality, safety and affordability of healthcare. Eric began his career in the healthcare industry over 20 years ago, serving in a variety of roles including as the Senior VP of Priority Healthcare, the Chief Information Officer of Curascript, the Executive VP of Operations of Access MediQuip and as the President of New Century Health.

Through his experience in the field, Eric was aware of weaknesses in the healthcare system, but it was a personal experience that really highlighted the deficiencies of the system. He was enlisted to assist a friend who was having trouble navigating support options when she began battling cancer. It was through this experience that Eric realized that the support systems available for healthcare were complicated and did not offer sufficient options to support the management of care. Ultimately, he concluded that this lack of assistance placed an undo and unacceptable burden upon the patient. These experiences inspired Eric to launch TurningPoint, the premier utilization management company, designed to ensure higher quality and safer care for patients and savings for all parties involved in the healthcare system.

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