Data, Analytics & Informatics

A clear path to better care.

What’s the likelihood of the tumor coming back? Can we perform this surgery at a lower cost? Where is our local population most at risk for disease? Accurate answers to questions like these save lives, strengthen economies, and improve overall quality of life within communities.

TurningPoint uses data to bring those answers into sharper focus.

We use data science, AI, and machine learning to extract keen insights on the health of your population and its individuals. Our advanced technologies and multivariate analysis drill down to a granular level, accounting for a wide spectrum of critical factors and data elements, from age to socioeconomic status to clinical history. Out of reams of data, we pinpoint opportunities to improve the safety, quality, and affordability of care—and present them with remarkable clarity.

The insights are actionable, and the benefits compound exponentially. Treatment recommendations are more precise and personalized. Strategy is coordinated more effectively and efficiently. Patients are safer and healthier. Recovery is swifter and less costly. Processes are streamlined. ROI is elevated and sustainable.

In short, individual patients get the right care, in the right setting, at the right time—with you leading the way toward a healthier community.

Data unlocks possibilities. TurningPoint uses the latest in data science and analytics to illuminate hidden opportunities to elevate patient safety, recovery, and clinical processes—all while driving higher ROI.

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