Why We Rebranded: A Turning Point in Our Identity


Rebranding, or the process of changing or updating an organization’s brand identity, is a normal and necessary part of a company’s lifecycle. It’s a healthy exercise for companies to periodically pause to reflect on and evolve their brand identity to ensure they remain aligned with their vision, strategy, and values. While there are many different reasons to rebrand, at TurningPoint, we realized it was time for a refresh when we reached an intersection of growth, positive change, and innovation.

The Beginning of TurningPoint

Our CEO, Eric Pezzi, started TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions in 2015 after a personal experience that highlighted the deficiencies of the healthcare system. Eric was helping a family member who was having trouble navigating support options when she began battling cancer. Eric realized that the support systems available to patients were unnecessarily complicated and insufficient for managing care alone. Through this experience, he witnessed the massive financial burden put on patients and their families due to the waste and inefficiencies in the healthcare system. This is what inspired Eric to launch TurningPoint.

Since our founding, we have been laser-focused on delivering on our mission: to improve the safety, quality, and affordability of healthcare. We have been fortunate to experience steady growth, expanding with new clients, partners, and employees. These hard-earned successes have positioned us as a trusted utilization management partner within the industry.

However, along the way, our brand identity lost its spark – and it was time to make it a priority again. Concurrently, we were entering a new, exciting era as an organization, jumpstarted by a successful growth capital raise in September 2021. The funding helped us to expand into new, high-cost, high-complexity areas of healthcare, enhance our innovative technology and product offerings, and broaden our geographic footprint.

The Future of TurningPoint

Today, we are moving far beyond utilization management and integrating full clinical and operational risk management across the entire patient journey. We’re bringing together all the disparate pieces of complex condition management into one solution, and confronting the most costly, complex conditions that burden our healthcare system.

We began the process to reimagine our identity and ensure our brand reflected the future of TurningPoint. In the last nine months, we have made significant organizational changes and our new brand marks the next phase of this transformational journey. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

  • Expanding Access to Care: Through new partnerships with health plans, we have expanded our geographic presence, helping manage even more members across all 50 states. In April 2022, we launched TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine, a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) management platform that spans the entire patient journey from diagnosis through recovery, while managing full condition-specific spend for our partners. In July, we launched TurningPoint Telehealth to seamlessly integrate with TurningPoint Digital solutions where members can connect with a clinician for MSK care. Lastly, we’re developing solutions in new clinical areas to further address unmet patient needs.
  • Elevating Clinical Excellence: Our proven track record of sustained cost savings and improved patient outcomes has helped us gain the respect of industry-leading clinical experts near and far. Not only do physicians want to work with us, but they wanted to work for us. Recently, we brought on nationally-recognized industry experts, including Dr. David Halsey, Dr. Erica Jones, and Dr. Charles Mick to lead our clinical team. We also formed a Scientific Advisory Board, bringing decades of clinical experience to our organization.
  • Hiring Top Talent: In addition to adding clinical expertise, we also prioritized hiring the right people and investing in top-quality talent across the entire organization. We have increased our headcount by growing our sales, marketing, human resources, analytics, and information technology teams. And, we’re still growing!

Overall, the process of rebranding has been introspective and valuable for our entire organization. Launching a new brand not only bonded our internal team, it helped us realign on who we are as a workforce and why we do what we do every day.

We believe the future is bright at TurningPoint, and we’re thrilled our new brand represents the bold and thoughtful changes we’re bringing to healthcare. Discover our new brand through our website, logo, and online presence.

To learn more about TurningPoint’s solutions and services, visit our website.

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