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Some people are good at what they do. Others, exceptional. But only a select few rise to become the best the world has to offer. TurningPoint’s clinical leadership team is comprised of medical professionals who have achieved such rarified heights. They’re presidents of top academic institutions, leaders of esteemed professional societies, and pioneers whose discoveries continue to shape the discipline.

More to the point, they’re the brain trust behind TurningPoint’s quest for better, safer, and more affordable care. Far from distant intellectuals pontificating in an ivory tower, they apply themselves daily to consult with patients, collaborate with doctors, craft care paths and policies, and directly coordinate with health plans.

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One recent story illustrates this boots-on-the-ground ethic perfectly:

A certain provider wanted to perform a highly specialized surgical procedure on a patient struggling with back pain. The procedure, life-changing for the right candidates, was named after the surgeon who invented it. However, after reviewing the patient’s unique circumstances, TurningPoint concluded that the procedure was not appropriate—and advised an alternative path forward.

The requesting doctor appealed, and, incredulous, called TurningPoint demanding an explanation. Little did he know the person on the other end of the line was the very surgeon after whom the procedure was named. The surgeon was able to clearly articulate why the procedure was ill-advised—and reinforce the merits of TurningPoint’s suggested alternative.

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That’s one of many examples where our clinical leadership has personally taken the wheel, steering patients, providers, and health plans toward the right procedures, in the right place, at the right time.

If we’re going to elevate healthcare, extraordinary expertise is essential. Our clinical leadership represents the best of the best—a singular consortium of elite medical talent utterly committed to bringing healthcare to better a place.

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