Brokers & Consultants

TurningPoint appreciates that brokers and consultants are constantly searching for new and innovative programs to deliver value to their clients to maintain that critical edge against the competition. Health plans across America rely on TurningPoint to provide specialized care across a complex continuum of clinical modalities. We work effectively with brokers and consultants to deliver […]

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans remain the cornerstone for insurance and managed care programs for over 62 million Americans. We at TurningPoint built our foundation working for and on the behalf of millions of Blue members and their covered organizations. Our Blue plan clients have come to rely on TurningPoint for the patient safety […]


TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of innovative medical, surgical and implantable device solutions to payers, providers and individuals. Whether fully insured, self-funded or in an alternative funding/delivery program, TurningPoint programs provide opportunities for our employer partners to improve patient safety, quality of medical care delivery and streamline review and approval processes, while significantly […]

Commercial Insurers and Health Plans

Today, most commercial insurers and health plans manage a combination of covered populations, each with its own needs. In this diverse environment, managing patient safety, cost and quality requires the ability to deliver broad-based, generalist care management across multiple platforms. The greatest threat for all these populations lies in high-cost, low-frequency medical conditions and events. […]

Managed Medicare & Medicaid Plans

Managed Medicare and Medicaid Plans have proven themselves to be quality and cost-effective deliverers of medical care in older, less affluent and medically complex populations. TurningPoint helps these organizations meet modern challenges by offering efficient programs to assess and steer patients to the right provider type, location and treatment plan. With TurningPoint, these health plans […]

Self-Administered Plans/TPAs

In the US, self-administered (SAs) and Third Party Administrator (TPAs) plans manage over $230B in annual claims and employ over 440,000 professionals. To maintain the industry’s current annual 5% growth rate, SAs and TPAs need access to the most advanced and effective clinical management programs, in order to compete effectively with the ASO divisions of […]