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TurningPoint CareNavigatorsm is a completely new approach to patient-centric care management. We’re using data, AI, and the input of the world’s leading clinicians to bring patients, providers and health plans together in ways that make more sense.

What we do is simple: Identify patients that need help, before they know they need help. Engage them in modern ways with personalized tools, resources, and coaching to build good habits and support optimal health. And when intervention becomes necessary, guide them to the right doctor, for the right treatment, at the right time—for the lowest cost.

All of this is achieved with the oversight of senior physicians who are recognized as leaders in their specialties. And powered by industry-leading clinical algorithms that sift through volumes of claims data, millions of patient interactions, and reams of evidence-based treatments to make intelligent recommendations with pinpoint precision.

The result is care that’s more personalized, more proactive, and more preventative. From helping health plans more accurately predict patients likely to need surgery, to incentivizing providers with financial rewards for practicing more responsible medicine, TurningPoint CareNavigatorsm is leading the way to better, safer, and more affordable care.

TurningPoint CareNavigatorsm brings patients, providers and payers together to more proactively identify the care each individual needs—and carve an optimal path from condition identification to recovery.

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