Introducing TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine: Member-Centric Musculoskeletal Care Management


Earlier this month, we announced the launch of TurningPoint Digital Joint and Spine, a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) management platform moving care management upstream, deepening patient access and support, and allowing employers and health plans to streamline complete condition risk-management with a single partner.

Through our revolutionary Digital Joint and Spine program, we now offer our partners an industry-leading solution suite that integrates upstream member engagement with a surgical safety and quality program, allowing for the management of full condition-specific spend and guaranteed savings.

Personalized Care Program

Our Digital Joint and Spine program is designed to bring the power of physical therapy directly to members through our state-of-the-art app. Members receive a personalized recovery plan they can follow at their own pace, wherever and whenever they choose. They’ll have the support and expertise of our world-class team of doctors, physical therapists, and instructors to ensure the program is a fit for each individual.

The program offers expert clinical advice and exercise tutorials that are easy to follow and suitable for any fitness and flexibility level. A dedicated Care Navigator and Health Coach supports each member, every step of the way. As members progress through their holistic treatment plan, the content feed and exercise regimen adjust to their needs.

Tackling the Burden of MSK

Musculoskeletal disorders are among the most disabling and costly conditions in the United States.1 Approximately 126 million people are affected by MSK disorders—that’s one in two persons aged 18 and older and nearly three in four persons aged 65 and older.2,3 The annual cost of MSK care is greater than that of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined; and per person, the yearly price is approximately $8,000.3

At TurningPoint, we understand the magnitude of the problem and the significant burden of MSK conditions across the board—for health plans, employers, providers, and patients. We’re dedicated to improving the accessibility of MSK rehabilitation so patients can get treated sooner, and on an ongoing basis.

Historically, attempts to manage the rising costs associated with complex specialties like MSK have come through one-off utilization management programs or member engagement platforms that aren’t fully integrated with one another across the member journey. This results in mismanaged and uncoordinated care, frustrated patients and providers, and missed opportunities to manage cost and improve outcomes across the entire condition.

The TurningPoint Advantage

To avoid MSK pain and injuries leading to expensive surgeries and ER visits, it’s critical for health plans to focus on providing preventative care options earlier in a patient’s journey.

With the inception of Digital Joint and Spine, we’re leading the industry away from disconnected, high-cost healthcare models in favor of holistic, value-based care delivery that spans from diagnosis to recovery. This nationally recognized program combines the latest advancements and best practices in medicine, state-of-the-art technology, and live one-on-one coaching to provide the tools and motivation to achieve optimal results. Digital Joint and Spine is backed by the expertise of our world-renowned team of clinicians as well as our robust industry insights gained from managing over 30 million members across the country.

In the future, we plan to launch expansions of TurningPoint Digital to cover other complex specialties, demonstrating a commitment to transforming value-based care delivery.

To learn more about TurningPoint’s suite of services, contact us today.

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