Product Manager – Oncology

Department: Products – Reports to VP, Products


The Product Manager is a seasoned healthcare professional who is responsible for R&D of oncology products with effective care management strategies that position the company to improve quality of care and achieve long term growth while aligning to annual revenue and profitability goals.

Major Responsibilities

  • Identify oncology trends and product opportunities and help develop methodologies to manage them
  • Build product strategy, including business case, impact methodology and value   propositions to obtain executive management and client approval
  • Research evidence-based literature, medical studies, publication, clinical trials, and work with medical experts to help identify product/program ideas.
  • Research and draft medical policies and protocols for the oncology program (i.e. for medical, radiation, surgical oncology treatments, genetic testing)
  • Research and define oncology associated clinical codes (i.e. J-Code, HCPCS, CPT, J-Code, Facility, ICD-10 etc.), diagnostic codes for the program/product, and document them for approval and implementation.
  • Maintain oncology managed code list and ensure codes are updated regularly and communicated to all key players
  • Research and keep track of new treatments entering the market and collaborate with medical experts to build policy recommendations for these treatments
  • Define and write product specs, workflows, clinical rationale and BRD (Business Requirements) documents for new programs/products
  • Build training slide deck with clinical rationale and value proposition to train all key players (Internal and external)
  • Lead product/program implementations with strategic partners (internal and external)
  • Help assist product/program analysis and developing pricing for each product
  • Own product communications, including business case, clinical rationale, and analysis models for the purposes of assisting clients and
  • Help the sales and marketing teams with prospective client as subject matter expert
  • Be a key collaborator in the Product Innovations team to drive ideas and deliver first-rate products
  • Support marketing and sales efforts through participation in proposals, presentations, meetings, and conferences.

General Qualifications

Required Education & Experience:
  • 5+ years’ experience developing and implementing products and services in the oncology space
  • Minimum: BA/BS Undergraduate degree in Healthcare (Nursing, Pharmacy, or related degree preferred)
  • 5+ years’ experience managing medical oncology treatments and formularies (chemo, biologics, antiemetics etc.)
  • Experience in research, development, and implementation of oncology products, while collaborating with executive and key operational groups
  • Proven record of managing clinical programs with global responsibility and establishing long term strategic growth initiatives
  • Proven success and track record as an individual contributor and manager who has demonstrated top line results
  • High level of personal and professional integrity and trustworthiness with strong work ethic and the ability to work as an individual contributor with minimal direction and/or as a leader.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strategic, critical but creative thinker, strong business sense and excellent analytical, financial, and operational skills
  • Ability to lead, create and work within cross-functional team environments
  • Ability to manage complex multi discipline healthcare scenarios
  • Knowledge and experience in negotiating and developing critical documents (requirements, strategy, and methodologies etc.) including statement of works (SOWs).
  • Ability to create product BRD/Specs, workflows, and technical requirements.
  • Efficiency in Visio, Excel, Microsoft Office etc.

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