Care Management 2.0

Stop denying care. Start elevating it.

“No” is a word we hear all too often in healthcare. For decades, patients and providers have been stuck in a system designed to maximize denials, rather than optimize outcomes.

TurningPoint is changing that with a new approach to care management, conceived by world-class clinicians and powered by world-class technology.

We call it Care Management 2.0. 

It starts with using data analytics, AI, and machine learning to better identify early-onset conditions—and prevent costly treatments before they become necessary. We then leverage the latest advances in telemedicine, digital patient assessment, and recovery management to engage patients on their own terms. Finally, we empower physicians with advanced clinical resources to illuminate new care possibilities and enable smarter decisions. 

Our team of preeminent clinicians have built their expertise into every step of the process, and it all comes together seamlessly—making life easier for everyone. Best of all, our approach points the way toward care that’s as clinically appropriate as it is financially responsible. 

Discover how and why over 26 million Americans are being treated to a better, different approach to care with TurningPoint.

Healthcare isn’t black or white, yes or no. And care management shouldn’t be either. TurningPoint takes a more holistic—and humanistic—approach. Let’s broaden the range of care possibilities together.

Contact us today to request a demonstration of this innovative approach.

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